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The most complete selection around means you'll find the perfect metal bead to match your inspiration.
All products free from lead and nickel. All product are subject to slight variation in size, weight & colour.

bali silver
bali silver beads
bali silver caps
bali silver cones
bali silver locks
bali silver parts
bali silver pipes
bali silver spacer
Brass Beads
copper beads
copper beads
copper locks
copper pipes
copper spacer
glass beads
Gold Cris Product
gold cris beads
pewter beads
Semi Precious Stone beads
gem stone beads
Silver Plated Products
Silver Plated Beads
Silver Plated Braclets
Silver Plated Brushed beads
Silver Plated Caps
Silver Plated Chain
Silver Plated Closing
Silver Plated Cuff
Silver Plated Earring
Silver Plated Earring wire
Silver Plated Earrings with stone
Silver Plated Hasli
Silver Plated Locks
Silver Plated Pandant
Silver Plated Pipes
Silver Plated Rings
Silver Plated Spacer
sterling silver
sterling silver beads
sterling silver caps
sterling silver cones
sterling silver ear wire
sterling silver locks
sterling silver parts
sterling silver pipes
sterling silver spacer
two tone beads
copper+brass beads
copper+brass caps
copper+brass pipes
wax beads

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